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Name:8 Docs, 1 Victor
Birthdate:Dec 27
Location:Rhode Island, United States of America
This is the Official Group Muse journal for [personal profile] crossover_chick's fanfic muses. They used to be very active in my own journal, but as time's gone on they've retired to a more passive role. Hence, their own journal for when I want to bring them out for the purposes of RP, mostly in my musebox [community profile] inkwell_bar.

Non Tril Docicon
More commonly known as just "Doc," this is the Doc from my NonTrilogy fanfic. He's the oldest of my Docs and has seniority over everyone else. He's also the most "normal" and levelheaded of the bunch. His job is basically to keep everyone else in line. Submuses: NonTrilMarty, NonTrilJennifer
Significant Other: Gypsy Robinson
Vamp Docicon
The Doc from my Vampire Doc Chronicles fanfic. He's the first vampire of the group, and the second oldest Doc. He takes something of a background role in the muse group these days, due to his series being pretty much completed. He now works on getting me to edit stories that need it. Submuses: Marty2 (or MartyVDC), Jennifer2 (or Jennifer VDC)
Significant Other: Mysteria Jones
Vamp Doc2icon
The Doc from my Night and Day fanfic. He's the second vampire of the group, and the last of the original Docs. He's got the hottest temper of the lot and is most often the one to poke me on writing any form of fanfic. Submuses: VampMarty, VampJennifer
Significant Other: Josephine Grey
DocWolf is a wolfmorph of Doc who came up from a conversation with my friend Ael (who has a fox form of Marty) and doesn't have a universe of his own in fanfic. He sort of started the trend of my other Docs just suddenly appearing on me one day. He's in charge of keeping the plotbunny population under control, a rather thankless job in this head. Submuses: MartyFox
Significant Others: GypsyFox (Doc), JenniferCat (Marty)
Ock Docicon
The Doc from my OckDocumentary fanfic miniseries. He's got the Doc Ock tentacles, who have gained the ability to talk and thus sometimes contribute their own opinion to the shenanigans around them. He's the one who attempts to get me to draw fanart, which used to not turn out all that well, but apparently an art class has actually given me some skills. Submuses: VultureMarty, AlmanacJennifer
Significant Other: VenomClara Clayton
Teen Docicon
The Doc from my (now defunct) Boy Genius fic. He's the only teenage Doc, and a young Spark, which makes for some interesting times. If there's an explosion anywhere in the musespace, he's the most probable Doc who caused it. He’s also in charge of any Pretime/1955/Game fic I write (since the Game features a teenage Doc!). Submuses: Victorian-Dressed-Marty
Significant Others: ConstructClara Clayton (Doc), Jennifer Deathstrike (Marty)
This Doc originated from my first experience in RPing, The BTTFOnline RPG. He's a ghost who can switch to a living form, thanks to me killing him off at the end (without realizing it was going to be the end-end – he's never let me live it down). He's kind of the boss of my regular RP characters – [personal profile] clockwork_doc may own the Inkwell, where they all live, but RPD is the one who makes sure I actually use my characters. He also encourages Sims-playing. Submuses: RolePlayMarty
Significant Other: None
Hat Docicon
The Doc technically from "Marty In Wonderland", but with the change that Marty is the White Rabbit and Clara the Alice figure. The "youngest" of the Docs, he's the only 35-year-old (his icon's drawn from before a deaging incident) and arguably the craziest. He tends to try and keep the headspace from being buried in the angst I love so much by encouraging humor fic. Submuses: White-Rabbit-Marty, March-Hare-George, Dormouse-Jennifer
Significant Others: Clara Alice Clayton (Doc), Cheshire-Lorraine (George)
Tie-Twister Victor:
The only non-BTTF muse, he's from my regular Corpse Bride fic (anything that would involve Victoria and/or Emily, not Alice). He's still rather shy and nervous, but he's developed quite a bit of a snarky side from living with the others. He ensures I write for fandoms other than BTTF – which means, these days, he’s the strongest muse I have, and the one most likely to appear back in [personal profile] crossover_chick . Submuses: Bonejangles
Significant Others: Victoria Everglot, Emily Cartwell (the Corpse Bride)

Copyright Stuff: the original idea of Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and the rest belong to Robert Zemeckis and Robert Gale; the original idea of Victor Van Dort and the rest belong to Tim Burton. Fanart provided by [personal profile] crossover_chick, [personal profile] martyfan, [ profile] tea_holic, and [ profile] moonlady3000 -- see Userpics for more details. All for fun only.
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