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Happy birthday to Jennifer Parker and Huey Lewis! (If anyone ever need proof Jennifer Parker was meant for Marty McFly. . .)
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Happy birthday to all the Marty McFlys out there! And all the Victor Van Dorts! We'd specify which ones, but the mun seems to be collecting more of the latter, at least. . .

((Oh ha ha. It's only four for RP purposes, plus your own Tie Twister. . .))

Only four for now. . .
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And to Jules Verne as well, of course. :)
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From all of us -- RP characters, muses, and the like -- happy birthday, Vicky. :)
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And to all the other Doc Browns who may be out there! A good day to you all!
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From all of us, a happy birthday to Claudia Wells, and by extension our Jennifer Parkers!
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A very happy birthday to Miss Emily "Corpse Bride" Cartwell and Miss Victoria Everglot. I love you both. <3

A happy birthday to the Secundus versions of same as well, even if they may not be able to comment right away. Hopefully our mun will get your icons up soon!

(And yes, Vic did decide to combine the birthdays, after forgetting Emily Watson's AGAIN. Our apologies, Miss Watson.)
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To our favorite author Jules Verne, and to all the various Claras we know and love!

There's a neat little 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea-themed widget on Google, incidentally, which we're having fun playing with.
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(Not sure whether to call her "mun" or "writer") Anyway, happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] docsgirl! :D Have a good one.
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Happy November 12th, everyone! And be careful what you do today -- it may have repercussions you'd never expect. ;)

(Now, where's that author of ours?)
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I love you, honey! (And I'm very sorry this entry had to be backdated. First time we get a journal, and we remember everyone's birthday BUT yours.)

And happy birthday to my most famous and favorite invention, the flux capacitor.
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Yes, October 22nd marks the birth of all of the various Doc Browns around these parts, being the birth date of Christoper Lloyd, our actor. So happy birthday to us, and to all other Doc Browns!

(Narcissistic? Maybe. But it's our journal.)
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Happy fifth anniversary to Corpse Bride, the movie which resulted in my existence. Goodness, five years already. . . . Well, here's to many more. Please excuse my briefness, but Victoria, Emily and I are about to have a serious talk.
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Happy birthday to my wonderful girlfriend, Mysteria Jones! May we share many more together.
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To my dearest Josie, a happy -- whatever number we're on -- birthday. (1,004? ;)) I love you, sweetie, and hope to spend the rest of my days with you.

(The nice thing about this journal -- now you're CERTAIN of getting a proper birthday post here on LJ.)
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For the edification of our audience, our Jennifer has her birthday on the same date as Claudia Wells, since that's the Jennifer she resembles.

In any case, we hope you had a lovely day!

Martys: You're awesome, Jennifer. Happy birthday.

And happy birthday too to Huey Lewis of "Huey Lewis and the News!" Have a great one! And your songs shouldn't be on the oldies station, what the hell
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Today marks the 25th anniversary of the first Back To The Future's release in cinemas. Without this movie, none of us (barring Tie-Twister Victor, of course) would exist. So, thank you very much Bob Gale, Bob Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, and Christopher Lloyd, for creating a truly excellent movie trilogy, and sowing the seeds of life for all of us.

To another 25 years!
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We do hope it's a good one! (Even if we don't exactly approve of the fic Vic wrote to celebrate the occasion. . . .)
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Happy Birthday to our various Martys, and to both Tie-Twister and DG Victor!
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Happy Birthday to Emily Cartwell, a.k.a. the lovely Corpse Bride.

Also a possible Happy Birthday to Victoria Everglot, as our author has still not decided if she's going to combine the birthdays or not. (Frankly, I don't see the point, I can surely remember two dates even if she can't.)
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